Strand 18
A site developed for Everyday Math lessons - both for practice and teaching. (Elem)
A site with lots of good internet resources for Math in general!
Another good site for lots of math resources.

Now for the specific Strand needs:
On-line game ranging from -4 to 4 on the x-axis and -4 to 4 on the y-axis (8-12)

Activities and examples dealing with symmetry (K-12)
Online challenge of graphing skills (4-12)
**Graph Generator**
This powerful (yet simple to use) application allows you to create any 4 quadrant graph, grid or isometric paper. This may then be printed out for classwork or used as a background when using an interactive whiteboard. Brilliant. This resource has been generously donated by eChalk Ltd.
An illustrated lesson on symmetry

Interactive tangram pieces to use when covering congruence

An animated, interactive dictionary for students with over 500 math terms. (Elem, MS)
for Strand 18